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Description of the clinical case

Rosa was unhappy and tired of her removable prosthesis, so she decided to look for a permanent solution for the rest of her life.

Due to his high bone loss, it was not possible to place a conventional implant. The zygomatic implants were the solution.

Only one surgical intervention was done with the placement of the zygomatic implants – these allow more reach for those who lack bone in the jaw, both lower and upper. This technique does not prevent the recovery from being quite fast.


  • Medical team: Dr. Dárcio Fonseca and Dr. Luís Tovim.
  • 4 medical appointments and 1 surgical intervention.
  • Medical areas involved: Implantology.
  • Treatment: placement of zygomatic dental implants.

Make an appointment for an evaluation

The evaluation consultation of your case will be performed by Dr. Dárcio Fonseca.

In this consultation a precise diagnosis is made and the best treatment solution is presented, as well as a budget.

The first consultation is of high importance, the diagnosis has to be accurate and individualized!

This consultation includes:

  • Orthopantomography
  • Photographic protocol
  • Treatment planning

Dr. Dárcio Fonseca

Dr. Dárcio Fonseca

Clinical Director and Dentist

Surgery, Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation

  • Graduated from Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde-Sul, 1997;
  • Fellow in Implant Dentistry from the University of Miami;
  • Post-graduation in Advanced Implantology and Minimally Invasive Oral Rehabilitation;
  • Post-graduation in Digital Dentistry;
  • Post-graduation in Orthodontics;
  • Guest lecturer at several universities;
  • Tutor for private practice surgery, implantology and oral rehabilitation
  • Author of several articles published in Portuguese journals;
  • Speaker in several national and international congresses;
  • Member of the PET Research Group;
  • Dental Xpert;
  • ALBI President – Luso-Brazilian Academy of Implantology.